NTF to ETRS89 (2)


Geodetic CRS: NTF

Datum: Nouvelle Triangulation Francaise

Ellipsoid: Clarke 1880 (IGN)

Prime meridian: Greenwich

Data source: EPSG

Information source: OGP

Revision date: 2010-03-30

Scope: (null/copy) Approximation for medium and low accuracy applications assuming equality between plate-fixed static and earth-fixed dynamic CRSs, ignoring static/dynamic CRS differences.

Remarks: These parameter values are taken from NTF to RGF93 (1) (code 1053) as RGF93 may be considered equivalent to ETRS89 within the accuracy of the transformation. May be emulated using NTv2 method - see tfm code 15959.

Method: France geocentric interpolation

Area of use: France - onshore - mainland and Corsica.

Description: (0,)

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