American Samoa Vertical Datum of 2002


Data source: EPSG

Information source: National Geodetic Survey; http://www.ngs.noaa.gov

Revision date: 2020-12-14

Scope: Geodesy, topographic mapping.

Remarks: Replaces Tutuila vertical datum of 1962 (datum code 1121). Replaced by Pago Pago local tidal datum (datum code 1302) in March 2020 after ASVD02 benchmarks destroyed by earthquake activity.

Area of use: American Samoa - Tutuila island.


WGS84 bounds:
-170.51 -14.43
-170.88 -14.2

American Samoa - Tutuila island.
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Definition: OGC Well Known Text

VERT_DATUM["American Samoa Vertical Datum of 2002",2005,

Definition: OGC Well Known Text 2 (2019)

VDATUM["American Samoa Vertical Datum of 2002",

Definition: ESRI Well Known Text


Definition: JSON

    "$schema": "https://proj.org/schemas/v0.5/projjson.schema.json",
    "type": "VerticalReferenceFrame",
    "name": "American Samoa Vertical Datum of 2002",
    "scope": "Geodesy, topographic mapping.",
    "area": "American Samoa - Tutuila island.",
    "bbox": {
        "south_latitude": -14.43,
        "west_longitude": -170.88,
        "north_latitude": -14.2,
        "east_longitude": -170.51
    "id": {
        "authority": "EPSG",
        "code": 1125

Definition: GeoServer

1125-datum=VERT_DATUM["American Samoa Vertical Datum of 2002",2005,AUTHORITY["EPSG","1125"]]