Lowest Astronomical Tide Netherlands


Data source: EPSG

Information source: NSGI: Netherlands partnership of Kadaster, Rijkswaterstaat and Hydrographic Service, http://www.nsgi.nl/.

Revision date: 2021-06-08

Scope: Hydrography and nautical charting.

Remarks: The lowest tide level which can be predicted to occur under average meteorological conditions and under any combination of astronomical conditions.

Area of use: Netherlands - offshore North Sea.


WGS84 bounds:
6.41 51.45
2.53 55.77

Netherlands - offshore North Sea.
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Definition: OGC Well Known Text

VERT_DATUM["Lowest Astronomical Tide Netherlands",2005,

Definition: OGC Well Known Text 2 (2019)

VDATUM["Lowest Astronomical Tide Netherlands",

Definition: ESRI Well Known Text


Definition: JSON

    "$schema": "https://proj.org/schemas/v0.5/projjson.schema.json",
    "type": "VerticalReferenceFrame",
    "name": "Lowest Astronomical Tide Netherlands",
    "scope": "Hydrography and nautical charting.",
    "area": "Netherlands - offshore North Sea.",
    "bbox": {
        "south_latitude": 51.45,
        "west_longitude": 2.53,
        "north_latitude": 55.77,
        "east_longitude": 6.41
    "id": {
        "authority": "EPSG",
        "code": 1290

Definition: GeoServer

1290-datum=VERT_DATUM["Lowest Astronomical Tide Netherlands",2005,AUTHORITY["EPSG","1290"]]