TWD67 / TM2 zone 121 to TWD97 / TM2 zone 121 (1)


Geodetic CRS: TWD67

Datum: Taiwan Datum 1967

Ellipsoid: GRS 1967 Modified

Prime meridian: Greenwich

Data source: EPSG

Information source: Aerial Survey Office, Taiwan Forest Bureau.

Revision date: 2012-01-21

Scope: Transformation of coordinates at 5m level of accuracy.

Remarks: Derived at Hu Tzu Shan (23°59'N, 120°58'E). Residuals increase to maximum of 6.4m as distance increases from this point.

Method: Cartesian Grid Offsets

Area of use: Taiwan, Republic of China - onshore - Taiwan Island.

Description: (0,)

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