Indian 1960 (deg)

Selected transformation

Remarks: May be implemented as a single transformation using position vector 7-parameter geocentric transformation method with parameter values dX=+199m dY=+931m dZ=+318.9m rX=rY=0 sec rZ=+0.814 sec dS=-0.38 ppm.

Information source: Various oil company sources.

Revision date: 2020-03-14


Unit: degree

Geodetic CRS: Indian 1960

Datum: Indian 1960

Ellipsoid: Everest 1830 (1937 Adjustment)

Prime meridian: Greenwich

Data source: EPSG

Information source: OGP

Revision date: 2002-11-22

Scope: Geodesy.

Remarks: See CRS code 4131 for recommended coordinate axis representation for the human interface.

Area of use: Cambodia - mainland onshore; Vietnam - mainland onshore.

Coordinate system: Ellipsoidal 2D CS. Axes: latitude, longitude. Orientations: north, east. UoM: dec deg

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