OSGB 1936 (deg)

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Method: NTv2

Grid Files: OSTN02_NTv2.gsb

Remarks: Approximate alternative to official OSTN02 method (tfm code 7952). Accuracy at 2000 test points compared to OSTN02 (tfm code 1039): latitude 0.5mm av, 17mm max; longitude 0.8mm av, 23mm max. May be taken as approximate CT to WGS 84 - see code 5339.

Information source: Ordnance Survey of Great Britain, http://www.gps.gov.uk

Revision date: 2021-05-13


Unit: degree

Geodetic CRS: OSGB36

Datum: Ordnance Survey of Great Britain 1936

Ellipsoid: Airy 1830

Prime meridian: Greenwich

Data source: EPSG

Information source: OGP

Revision date: 2002-11-22

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