Pulkovo 1942 (deg)

Available transformations
to EPSG:4326

Selected transformation

Method: Coordinate Frame rotation (geog2D domain)

Remarks: Derived through concatenation of Pulkovo 1942 to PZ-90 (1) (tfm code 15844) and PZ-90 to WGS 84 (2) (tfm code 1244. Mandated for use in Russia by GOST R 51794-2001, but this has been superseded by GOST R 51794-2008. Replaced by tfm code 5044.

Information source: GOST R 51794-2001, approved by GosStandard of Russia Decree #327 of August 9, 2001.

Revision date: 2020-03-14


Unit: degree

Geodetic CRS: Pulkovo 1942

Datum: Pulkovo 1942

Ellipsoid: Krassowsky 1940

Prime meridian: Greenwich

Data source: EPSG

Information source: OGP

Revision date: 2002-11-22

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