Degree representation conversion: HDM to DMSH


Data source: EPSG

Information source: EPSG guidance note #7.

Revision date: 2002-11-22

Remarks: Applies to 2D and the horizontal component of 3D ellipsoidal systems.


In the formulas that follow, the coordinate strings are symbolically represented as follows:

deg                     decimal degrees
adeg                   absolute value of decimal degrees
ideg                     integer degrees
sdeg                   signed integer degree
min                      real-number minutes
imin                      integer minutes
sec                      real-number seconds
lathem, lonhem    hemisphere abbreviation

In this conversion the degree parameters remain unchanged in this conversion (both forward and reverse). The hemisphere parameters retain their values but change their positions in their respective coordinate strings.

Forward calculation from HDM representation to DMSH representation:
imin = INT(min)
sec = (min - imin) * 60
Then reorder fields from hem, ideg, imin, sec to ideg, imin, sec, hem.

Reverse calculation from DMSH representation to HDM representation:
min = imin + (sec / 60)
Then re-order fields from ideg, min, hem to hem, ideg, min.


Source CRS = WGS 84 (HDM) (CRS code 63266410).
Latitude = N35°45.153’, longitude =  W85°12.249’

Target CRS in DMSH = WGS 84 (CRS code 4326)
Latitude = 35°45’09.18"N, longitude =  85°12’14.94"W
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