Degree representation conversion: DMS to DMSH


Data source: EPSG

Information source: EPSG guidance note #7.

Revision date: 2002-11-22

Remarks: Applies to 2D and the horizontal component of 3D ellipsoidal systems.


In the formulas that follow, the coordinate strings are symbolically represented as follows:

deg                     decimal degrees
adeg                   absolute value of decimal degrees
ideg                     integer degrees
sdeg                   signed integer degree
min                      real-number minutes
imin                      integer minutes
sec                      real-number seconds
lathem, lonhem    hemisphere abbreviation

In this conversion (both forward and reverse) the minute and second parameters remain unchanged.

Forward calculation from DMS representation to DMSH representation:

ideg = ABS(sdeg)
If lat_sdeg < 0, lathem = S else lathem = N
If lon_sdeg < 0, lonhem = W else lathem = E

Reverse calculation from DMSH representation to DMS representation:
sdeg = ideg * H
where for latitude, H = 1 if lathem = N and H = -1 if lathem = S
and for longitude  H = 1 if lonhem = E and H = -1 if lonhem = W


Source CRS = WGS 84 (DMS) (CRS code 63266411).
Latitude = 35°45’09.18", longitude = -85°12’14.94"

Target CRS in DMSH = WGS 84 (CRS code 4326)
Latitude = 35°45’09.18"N, longitude =  85°12’14.94"W
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