CGVD2013a(2010) height to CGVD2013a(2002) height (1)


Geodetic CRS: CGVD2013a(2010) height

Datum: Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 2013 (CGG2013a) epoch 2010

Data source: EPSG

Information source: IOGP

Revision date: 2022-06-29

Scope: Spatial referencing.

Remarks: Interpolation CRS = NAD83(CSRS) 2010, i.e. may be either of NAD83(CSRS)v6 (CRS code 8252) or NAD83(CSRS)v7 (CRS code 8255). Equivalent to CGVD28 to CGVD2013a(2002) minus CGVD28 to CGVD2013a(2010) (i.e. CT code 10114 minus CT 10115).

Method: Vertical Offset by velocity grid (NRCan byn)

Area of use: Canada - onshore and offshore - Alberta; British Columbia; Manitoba; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; Northwest Territories; Nova Scotia; Nunavut; Ontario; Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Saskatchewan; Yukon.

Description: (0,)

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